Digi-Tig 250-3 DC Pulse

A three phase DC TIG welding inverter, the Stealth DIGI TIG 250 pulse is a well priced, fully equipped power source for TIG welding applications.  For those welding ferrous metals such as Steel, Stainless Steel and Titanium, this machine is worth a look.  The Stealth DIGI TIG boasts a high duty cycle of 60% at 250 amps and pulse functionality too.  An optional remote control is available as well as the ability to use an amperage control TIG torch.

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  • Designed for heavy industrial use
  • Adjustable up and down slope time
  • Adjustable pre and post flow gas time for full shielding gas control
  • Multi-process – MMA, Lift TIG or HF TIG
  • Great for ultra thin materials, thanks to pulse functionality to help prevent deformation or warping.
  • Equipped with temperature, voltage and current sensors for machine protection
  • High duty cycle for intense use.
  • Available as an air cooled package or water cooled, complete with trolley
50 / 60HZ Supply TIG DC Pulse Width Range Pulse Frequency Up/Down Slope Duty Cycle Dimensions / Weight Generator requirements
400V 16A 5 – 250A 5 -95% 0.5 – 200Hz 0-10S 250A @60% 

195A @ 100%

600 x 190 x 340 mm/ 10.5kg kVA


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