MIG 202 Compact MIG Welder

The Jasic MIG 202C inverter welder is the bigger brother of the hugely popular smaller 200 machine. The MIG 202C comes on wheels, with a gas cylinder mounting on the rear, perfect for workshop environments.

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Equipped with powerful IGBT components, digital A/V display and a 4-roll wire feed, the MIG 202 provides excellent welding characteristics and consistently reliable performance for both MIG MAG and MMA welding processes. Capable of 200 amps at 35% duty cycle make this little machine perfect for light to medium duty fabrication work.

The Jasic MIG 202C produces a very stable welding arc with minimal spatter, giving the user the opportunity to create neat, quality welds. Continuously adjustable voltage and current provide ultimate control to ensure optimal welding conditions are achieved.

One of the many features on the 202 compact is burn back control, meaning when the trigger is released, the wire will stop but the voltage potential will stay on the wire to burn it out of the weld puddle. A feature which improves weld appearance by improving crater fill.